Massimo Listri é um fotógrafo baseado em Florença na Itália cuja obra apreende interiores de grande importância arquitetônica e cultural, ambos icônicos e inesperados. His large-scale color prints invite viewers into the settings he frames; these include ancient castles, villas, palaces, gardens, libraries, convents, monasteries, and universities.

The artist has taken viewers into the ornate hallways of Versailles, as well as the treasure-laden galleries of the Vatican Museums. From Brazil, he brought back images taken at art museums, a cathedral, and a theater designed by Oscar Niemeyer, among many other architecturally iconic sites.


The artworks transmit an almost defeaning silence, as if time had stopped, humans had suddenly disappeared, and the only thing reminiscent are the interiors they have left behind, the remains of their lives and their passions, their art and their culture.

"My photography is an expression of tranquility and silence in this chaotic society -a sense of perspective and equilibrium. This is therapy for the soul. Every time I take a photo is like the first time a treasure is revealed, a first emotion, be it an empty room or the greatest treasures of the Vatican."


Listri uncovers the hidden beauty of inside environments through the perfect balance of light, color, and perspective to produce visually immersive compositions.

Massimo Listri is considered one of the most notable photographers of interiors and architecture in the the world. He has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in addition to being published in over 50 books and publications.

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