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Tyler Shieldsé um fotógrafo, diretor de cinema e escritor, mais conhecido pelos seus polêmicos e provocativos cliques de celebridades.

In addition to his Fine Art photographs, he has shot campaigns for brands like Nike, Adidas, Playboy, Harley Davidson, and Gergé Swiss watches, among others. In 2014, the publishing of Tyler Shields book, including Smartest Man and The Dirty Side of Glamour, the completion of his first feature-length film, Final Girl, became huge successes. Vive e trabalha em Los Angeles na California.


Teatro Global

His work has made a big impression, whether it's his photographs of exploding Rolls Royces, alligators clamping their jaws on Birkin bags, or starlets flying through the air in impossibly beautiful arcs. Shields frequently combines the world of Hollywood glamour with his love for the acrobatic, creating a wonderful combustion of movement, color, and subject.


Romance Sombrio

Shields’ work is a type of ‘dark romance’ that scales the bandwidth of image development in the age of Google Image searches, the Internet, and a near infinite source and access to moving-image making material and iconography. The challenge is finding the right nodes toward a product or project that captures the body from its most emaciated status of apathy to the near classical ideal forms that captivate and engage attention and interests of our collective gaze.



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"To expose yourself to the world, you and your work, naked to the global theater of billions of views, clicks, hits, image-searches, is a remarkable statement within itself – to say – this is me and who I am, is powerful."



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